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truSculpt Body Sculpting

Some dimples might be cute, others, not so much. Victoria Vein and Surgery Clinic is proud to offer you fat reduction and body toning options with truSculpt. truSculpt uses the latest innovation in non-surgical fat removal. Using deep heat through radiofrequency technology, truSculpt is able to target unwanted fat and breakdown fat cells in many areas of the body, in addition to sculpting and tightening specific areas of the body as we help you obtain the figure you desire. The best areas to treat using truSculpt are:

Buttocks and Thighs
Love Handles
Back Fat

truSculpt was designed to be a comfortable procedure, using radiofrequency energy to deliver heat directly to the lipid cell layer without overheating the skin or other surrounding tissues. The lipid, or fat cells, will then undergo a natural cell death called apoptosis. Over the course of the next 4-12 weeks, the body will remove these dead fat cells, and leave you with the body that diet and exercise could not. The treatments can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area treated, and most patients will receive one to four treatments depending on the amount of sculpting desired. Typically, treatments are spaced about eight weeks apart. With truSculpt, there is minimal discomfort and no need for topical anesthetics or pain medication. Since truSculpt is a non-invasive procedure, most people are able to resume normal activities and go back to work immediately with only redness at the site of treatment that disappears after a few hours.

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